JAQ Snellville (5/30-31, 2014)

JAQ Snellville (5/30-31, 2014)

What is JAQ?

Our team shares an intense desire to see peace blossom between Christians and Muslims, and we believe that true peace can only be found in the Kingdom of God.  Our approach to these conversations about faith has its roots in the model of Jesus and his early followers.  We build friendships, study the Bible and the Qur’an together, and ask God to help us answer the all-important question: “Who is Jesus and what does He have to do with entering the Kingdom of God?”

During a training weekend (usually spread across a Friday night and Saturday), we hope to equip Christians and Muslims alike to have these kinds of conversation in a fruitful, honoring way.  We focus on three major topics: (1) The Kingdom of God in the Bible, (2) Our identity within the Kingdom, and (3) Islam and the Kingdom.  Although historically the relationship between Christians and Muslims has often highlighted the differences between our faiths, we are confident that through prayer and patient study both can come to a robust, life-giving understanding of Jesus and the Kingdom.

Training Team

Our training team is comprised of Grace Fellowship Church staff and various partners with extensive experience living and working among Muslims.

Date/Time:5/30/2014 6:30 PM - 5/31/2014 5:30 PM   Add To Your Calendar
Contact:Jenna Winship